Recent comic pulls...

Seeing as I am on a book buying ban I don't have any new book posts to write (so far I've stuck to it!) so I thought I would post my recent comic pulls- these were mainly from the 13th -I only got a couple last week.

I got the final issue of Limbo which completes the six part series (and I'll be posting a review in my reading round up). I also go the latest issues from Black Canary (love this series so much!), DC Bombshells (which I really need to catch up on), Scarlet Witch and A-Force.

I also got a Women of Power variant cover for The Uncanny Inhumans featuring Medusa as she's one of my favourite Marvel characters and issue one of a new series called The Unbelievable Gwenpool which I've already read and it was a lot of fun.

I'm not sure whether any of my blog readers are into comics, but if you are make yourselves known! What is on your pull list lately?

Lately: April...

 My Adventure Time gang! I've since used this list to get Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and LSP the main three I wanted yay!

This month I put myself on a book buying ban seeing as my TBR shelf is so out of control. So I decided to buy lots of comic trades instead! To be fair I go through these a lot quicker and have already starting working my way through this lovely pile. Also how cute is the Black Widow Tsum Tsum!

I'm a Powerpuff Girl! I had way too much fun with this. Have a go here!

This sums up my work life perfectly right now...


❤ Two interesting takes on the whole Kim Kardashian/ empowerment debate here and here

❤ I love this mash up of the X-Men and Rainbow Brite

❤ The Vision in a jumper is one of my new favourite things, and I also love this alternative trailer for Civil War... go Hawkeye!

❤ It's not long until Free Comic Book Day 2016, here's a full list of the titles

April Pop in a Box...

Pop in a Box is great subscription service if you are a Funko collector- you get sent a mystery pop (or more depending on your subscription choice) and it will only be ones that you put into your wishlist meaning you don't get disappointed!

This month I was pleased to find Scarlet Witch in my sub. This is the new Civil War version, and I thought it was pretty fitting seeing as the film is out in less that two weeks and I'm very excited!

Too see all my other Pop in a Box posts click here

If you are interested in subbing to PIAB use my link to get 20% off! 

My TBR shelf...

I've put myself on a book buying ban after looking at just how many books I have waiting to be read (there's another shelf and pile additional to this but shh!) So seeing as there hopefully won't be any 'new books' posts for a while here's my TBR shelf instead! 

Anyone else have a serious book buying problem?!

Doctor Who haul...

I recently found out through a geeky facebook group I'm part of that the BBC shop is closing down and is having a huge sale to clear their stock. I wasted no time in having a mini Doctor Who spree. I got all this for under £20 so I'm pretty chuffed.

My two favourite Doctors are nine and ten so I got an anniversary piece from each. A mug for nine and a framed print for ten. The designs feature a silhouette of each Doctor that is filled with key characters from their time and I love that both have Rose in as she's my favourite companion. 

I also got a few comics from the ninth Doctors series (one I've been wanting to check out for a while) and some figures, including an amusing transparent tenth Doctor...

The mug has the ninth Doctors first and last quote on too :)

Finally my pre ordered Rose Tyler Funko Pop arrived! Of course she had to be reunited with ten :''''''')

Tony Moly My School Looks Multi Colour Pencil...

You can probably tell from the colour of my blog that I'm a big fan of lilac and so whilst browsing what's new from my favourite Korean make up brands it was inevitable I would buy this Tony Moly Multi Pencil in the shade Lavender. 

The product can be used on lips and cheeks and contains evening primrose oil and argan oil to make it extra soft. Although I haven't tried it as a blush I can attest that as a lip colour it is highly pigmented and really smooth. It wears impressively well and the colour is beautiful. The packaging is also very cute and promises to 'fit into your pencil case like a real colour pencil' :)

There are seven different colours to choose from and they also have a system where you can mix different combinations to create new colours!

Indie brand: Punky Pins...

When I was a teenager I used to collect badges and lately that obsession has stretched to include pin badges. Punky Pins is an online store I've bought from often over the years and was very happy to see the launch of their enamel and acrylic pin line. As soon as I saw the Enid Coleslaw pin it was an instant buy.

I'm sure I've mentioned Enid a lot on this blog but she is the main character in my favourite graphic novel Ghost World by Daniel Clowes (and the film adaption also happens to be my favourite film!) I'd highly recommend both and Enid is probably my favourite fictional character of all time.

The enamel pin is pretty perfect- the detail is amazing and it's really well made. I also couldn't resist these two X Files themed acrylic pins. Scully's bulky mobile phone with the words 'Mulder it's me' and a colourful play on Mulders 'I want to believe' poster. Again both are well made with thick plastic and how cute are the backing cards?

Two confessions though: 1. I've already made another order for more pins and 2. I've long run out of space on my fake leather jacket. I might have to get a pin board to display them!

Punky Pins website

Japanese snacks: Meiji & Puccho

Meiji Hi-Milk Stick Pack
Meiji is to Japan what Cadbury is to the UK or Hershey is to the U.S. This is little box of individually wrapped pieces of Meiji milk chocolate. Meiji chocolate is delicious, it's smooth and creamy but not too sweet. I can't help but feel it's a waste of packaging though!

Puccho Ripe Apple 
I'm a big fan of Hi-chew but for some reason I can't remember ever trying Puccho. Red apples are one of my favourite fruit so as soon as I saw this flavour they went straight into my basket. This is a limited edition flavour and it's bloody lovely! They taste exactly like biting into a juicy sweet red apple, and I'm not sure if this is the case with all Puccho but they have chewy gummy pieces in them. I love these and I've already ordered more!

Panic: Dealing with anxiety...

I have anxiety disorder. It's something I've suffered with since I was a child and often it feels like I'm dragging a ball and chain around. I've never told employers about it (except one with negative results) and rarely really talk about it in real life. Yet it is such a big part of my life. I have to plan everything in advance so that I am prepared and any slight change sends me into a panic. I have to avoid most social situations making various excuses (and the ones I do attend tend to involve me bent over the toilet being sick or hiding in the cubicle mid panic attack hoping it will soon pass.) Crowded places are a no no. I remember as a kid spending many nights lying awake worrying about all sorts of unlikely situations convinced terrible things would happen. In many ways I was scared of life.

So how do I deal with it? I've tried CBT and take medication but there are other little things that help me... 

1. Taking at least a day a week to myself. To not have to be around people (which can be exhausting), and to be able to relax and get some peace and quiet. Usually spending some time reading, blogging, watching Netflix or having a long bath.

2. ASMR videos. ASMR on YouTube has been a lifeline for me. If I am anxious or worried about something, can't sleep or am on edge then I put an ASMR video on my headphones and zone out. It's amazing how effective they can be and have got me through a lot of stressful times. (to find out more about ASMR go here.) Some of my favourite channels include Visualsounds1, Gentlewhispering, Tony Bomboni, Calming Escape, Deep Oceans of Sounds and Duff the Psych.

3. Be organised. As mentioned above changes to plans send my anxiety out of control. I have Bipolar and routine is very important to me so I live a very organised life. Every week I write a to do list of all the chores and things I need to get done (even the little things). If I have to go somewhere I research routes and bus times etc... and write a plan. In my mind I map out the day ahead so that I can mentally prepare myself.

4. Always carry my Ipod. If I have to go somewhere on my own or get public transport then I will always have my Ipod on. Not only does listening to music or podcasts relax me anyway but it creates a barrier that allows me to feel more comfortable in a usually anxious situation. Sunglasses or a hoodie can also be helpful as well. 

5. Getting a good nights sleep. Sleep is such an important thing for your mental state and although it's not easy I always try and get a full nights sleep. That means going to bed early if I have an early start. Candles, fresh pjs, audiobooks and ASMR videos are all useful in helping with that.

6. Talking to someone. Coping with anxiety is difficult, but it's even harder if you are coping on your own. I try to be open with my family about it so that they know how to help me if I am struggling. I'm very lucky to have a family who is understanding and it definitely makes a huge difference.

Do you have anxiety? If so what do you find helps you cope?