Recent comic pulls.

Here's some of my recent comic purchases! I'm still loving Catwoman and Blackbird. I got the latest issue of Batgirl for that lovely variant, and although I haven't read the Thirteenth Doctor comics yet I am loving the covers. In the lead up to the release of Captain Marvel (can't wait to see it!!) Marvel have released a load of key issues under the True Believers reprints to give some background to the character. I do love these- they are a cheap way to read some old gems.

Surprise surprise a Jenny Frison Wonder Woman variant. I don't think she has done a less than beautiful one yet. Another favourite artist: Jen Bartel has done this amazing cover for Stranger Things of Eleven and the colours are perfect. Finally, Smooth Criminals issue 1. I got it to try as I liked the cover- as soon as I read it I pre-ordered the first volume!