Small pleasures 4.

1. Trying bubble waffles for the first time
2. Sweet Williams season (my favourite flower)
3. Tracing back my family tree 
4. Reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch which was brilliant!
5. Buying books because I've been feeling really anxious
6. A day at the fair
7. Having a 99 for the first time in forever
8. Cool hair ties from this months Pink Parcel
9. The posters released by Marvel to celebrate 10 years of the MCU (my faves below)
10. New episodes of iZombie

Honestly I'm struggling to think of anymore as I am feeling pretty mehh right now so I will leave it there. Hope you are good, wherever you are!

Summer 2018 new releases I want to read.

I don't know about you but my TBR is RIDICULOUS. So what better than a fresh pile of new releases to lust after, because you can never have enough books. 100% Fact. Seeing as we are now about half way through the year, I thought I'd round up the new books coming out over the Summer which sound brilliant. 

The novels...

Blind Defense is the second book in a series from John Fairfax- I read the first and really enjoyed it (review here) so am looking forward to this one. Likewise, I am a fan of Ruth Ware- she writes brilliant thrillers so her latest, The Death of Mrs Westaway went straight on the list. Crudo is about a woman getting married, but takes in everything happening in the world at the moment from brexit to Trump. I love novels with a feminist theme, so What Girls are Made of went straight on the list- about a young woman navigating love, relationships and her place in the world. How to be Famous follows on from Caitlin Moran's last book How to Build a Girl, which I loved and follows Johanna in the mid 90s (I LOVE 90s set books!) Eat Only When You're Hungry is a humourous and sympathetic look at addiction (in this case alcohol and food) and sounds intriguing. Things to Make and Break is a short story collection that sounds strange and quirky- which is what I want from short stories!

One of my big weaknesses is sci-fi and dystopian fiction so Vox, about all woman in the world suddenly loosing their voice sounds like an amazing premise. Also, The Oracle Year about a man who finds he has the power to predict the future. Suicide Club is about the pursuit of immortality in a world were some people are able to live forever.

How about some YA?! Aside from the great cover, Undead Girl Gang follows some best friends who use witchcraft to bring back some dead school friends- who then have to work out who murdered them! Catwoman: Soulstealer is the third DC Comics YA novelisations and it centers on my fave Catwoman so of course it's on the list! I've read quite a few Melvin Burgess books over the years and his latest, The Lost Witch is about a girl who is told she has powers of a witch but her parents think she is hallucinating... is she? Dress Code for Small Towns follows a tomboy and is all about gender and sexual fluidity. 

The graphic novels...

I loved the first issue of Heavy Vinyl and immediately pre-ordered the bind up. I'm looking forward to reading this fun mix of music and girl power. Of course I pre-ordered volume 9 of Saga as soon as I could, this sci-fi/romance/adventure is 100% amazing and keeps getting better. 'A betrayed murderess wants revenge'- that's all I needed to know about crime noir Kill Them All to make me want to read it! Finally, after failing to get hold od a copy of the first issue of Ice Cream Man I really want to read the first volume. It's made up of weird and wonderful one shot stories that sound right up my street.

The non-fiction...

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of How to be a Grown Up and I'm looking forward to reading this warm and funny book about being a twenty something woman. Feminists Don't Wear Pink is a collection of essays from all sorts of women from different backgrounds talking about what feminism means to them. On the Same theme Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of Unruly Women does exactly what it says on the tin! I have a big interest in mindfulness and books on the subject so Kindfulness caught my eye. Written by a psychotherapist this looks at bringing empathy and kindness into your self care routine. The Back-Up Plan is a memoir about a woman trying to get her life back in order after everything falls apart, it looks at self confidence and mental health and sounds like it could be a really interesting read. Heart Berries: A Memoir follows a woman who receives a duel diagnosis of PTSD and Bipolar and how she deals with it. I am always interested in memoirs about mental health so this sounds really interesting. 

Check out all these books on my Goodreads book shelf here!

What new releases are you adding to your TBR?