Books 2 Door: Jacqueline Wilson Book Set


As you might have noticed, I love a bit of 90s nostalgia. When I was a kid (much like now) I was a total bookworm. My favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson- I fell in love with her books after first reading Double Act. I remember whenever I had some money, going into the local bookshop and selecting the next book from her back catalogue to buy. I poured through all her books, and then reread them again and again! I used to look through the Nick Sharratt illustration's and try to practice drawing like him too. 

When Book 2 Doors contacted me to ask if I would like to pick a book bundle to review my eyes were instantly drawn to the Jacqueline Wilson 10 book set. What's great about it is there is a mix of old classics (Double Act, The Story of Tracy Beaker) and newer novels such as Rent a Bridesmaid from 2016. The 10 books are beautifully presented in a slip case which makes it a lovely gift- for a younger reader or a nostalgic present for a 90s or 00's kid!

I plan on having a re-read of my old favourites, and reading the new ones (Little Darlings sounds especially good!) then passing them on to my niece as I am sure she will love them too.

This 10 book set has an RRP of £69.90, but you can grab them for just £22.99.
They have a great selection of good value box sets for various authors, genres and for readers of all ages. They have some more Jacqueline Wilson sets too if you are feeling nostalgic!

[Huge thanks to Books 2 Door for letting me choose a box set to review]

Birthday stuff

 It was my Birthday at the beginning of August. Because of corona we couldn't really do much, although I got a lovely breakfast of brioche french toast with strawberries, some cherry and chocolate cupcakes for my Birthday cake and we ordered a Five Guys delivery for dinner so it wasn't all bad! I also got some lovely gifts too...

I am a big fan of the 2B or not 2B etsy shop (here) and have bought some of their zines and prints before- I opened up on my Birthday a very cute 'spite' pin! They always put a drawing in the packages too which is such a nice touch.

I also got a Goosebumps t-shirt, a neon posca set, the Britpop Trumps set 2 (from another really cool etsy shop called Gazoo) as a big fan of 90s Britpop and a collector of top trumps these are brilliant. They also have a punk set that looks very cool. I got a graphic novel from one of my faves Jen Bartel (have already read it and it is super cute!) and cute handmade cat trinket box, a lucky cat and some cds. Does anyone else still buy cds?!

Finally I got these lovely earrings from Love Crest they were part of a pride collection and I love them.

Hope you are all bearing up in these weird times and take care.

Easy DIY: pom pom phone case

This is a super easy and very cute DIY.

All you need is:
Hot glue gun
Clear silicone phone case (find them on ebay)
pom poms (works best if you have a selection of sizes)

It's just a case of sticking the pom poms on. Work quick as hot glue dries fast. Also make sure you have some small pom poms to fill in gaps. Once it's all dry add glue where needed and then put some around the edges of the case to make sure the pom poms stay put. I also have a pop socket on mine so covered that too.

90s nostalgia: Addams Family trading cards

The Addams Family films are 2 of the best 90s films ok. I got a whole box of trading cards for my 90s boxes in my etsy shop (link over there>>>) and I couldn't help but open a couple of packs. I got a cool Morticia sticker!

80s Nostalgia: Supergirl trading cards

I managed to get a box load of sealed Supergirl trading cards. I loved the film when I was a kid. Of course I had to open a few packs, and they are brilliantly cheesy. The rest of the packs will be going in my geeky boxes on etsy. Link over there somewhere >>>

90s Nostalgia: Point Horror

Living with agoraphobia: things I've learnt

1. Having the internet is hugely important, it's like my life line to the world. Through social media I am able to communicate with people whilst being at home. I can read what's going on in the world, I can watch other people's lives on Youtube and I can talk to people on Twitter and Instagram about all sorts of random things. I truly think without it I would struggle so much more.

2. It's hard and it's lonely. I worry about what people think a lot. Do they think I'm lazy? pretending? Do my neighbours notice? What does the postman think? I over think EVERYTHING. 

3. The garden still counts as out. It's Summer, we've had some great weather and I like the idea of reading outside, but I've realised that unless there is someone else there it is a no go. I still feel anxious even though it's the garden. I need to work on this. When there's a knock at the door my heart jumps out my chest. It's usually just the postman but it still panics me. Some days I can open the door, other days not. Something else I need to work on. 

4. I look forward to Saturday, because I get to see people and often leave the house. It's usually only to the shops or park but getting out the house is important.

5. I need focus. If I didn't have something to focus on I would loose my mind. I write a to do list each week and work through it. Making things for my etsy shop keeps me busy which is good, it helps me hugely. 

6. I think to the future when I am not agoraphobic. I know this won't last forever and I know I can beat it. I think to those times and it keeps me optimistic.

[I've had this in drafts forever and a lot has happened since then in terms of covid, lockdown etc... I am actually dreading when lockdown ends in many ways so thought I would post this]