Lush Boxing Day sale...

*a.k.a Lush: take my goddamn money

This December I worked so much overtime that I allowed myself to go a little full on crazy in the sales. As usual my first stop on Boxing Day is Lush (online of course, I ain't leaving my bed early on Boxing Day!) I had to work the 26th this year (boo) but managed to put an order in before I left and as usual the website was freaking out so I just added loads of stuff to my basket and hoped for the best. 

It turns out I added a lot to my basket and when two big boxes were delivered (in super quick time) my reaction was a little...

Part shame part glee that I had so many damn bath bombs. It's not all for me though and It means that I will be fully stocked up with Lush stuff till next Christmas (at least!)

Did you get any good bargains in the sales?

Top 10 books of 2015...

It was surprisingly hard to cut the list down to 10 but here are my top ten books of 2015!


In no particular order...

The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn
The Hand That Feeds You by A.J. Rich

Christmas presents...

I wasn't sure whether to do a Christmas present post this year as my blog has been a little haul heavy lately, but I do love nosing at what people got for Christmas and I got some amaizing stuff so I thought Why not...

Firstly, of course there were Funko pops

A nice selection of Lush bath bombs- I'm especially happy to try The Experimenter 

I'm already using the donut tin to store some make up in and I'm in love with the Tokidoki make up bag 

Some books and comics, including a beautiful Catwoman book 

A Breaking Bad tee from Qwerty and a Marvel tee in a tin as well as Hello Kitty reading light which will come in handy 

I was already planning on buying this amazing Catwoman print from TeeFury so I was super happy to unwrap this- I can't wait to get a frame and put it on the wall!  

And finally I got a box filled with Japanese candy :) Yum!

Lately: December...

<Obligatory Christmas tree picture> It's four days until Christmas... argh where did all the time go?! I'm pleased to say I have officially finished all my Xmas shopping *happy dance* and have almost wrapped all my presents. Annoyingly I am working a lot over the next couple of weeks but I am still determined to have a good time!

Yesterday I finally got to try Costa's Sticky Toffee Latte from their Christmas menu. I love coffee and have been wanting to try this all month, it was YUM. My Dad asked me and my sister if we'd like to choose some new pyjamas for a Christmas present and was highly amused when we ended up choosing something from the toy shop instead. 

Here are my most recent comic pulls. I have so much catching up to do with my reading, but I am excited to start the new Scarlett Witch series from Marvel. I also have the Jem and the Holograms Annual which is adorable!


*Finishing Aziz Ansari's new show on Netflix Masters of None (which I very much enjoyed and recommend) and getting excited over new Luther episodes.

*Getting CRAZILY excited that the new Quentin Tarantino film The Hateful Eight is nearly out and soaking up all the trailers and interviews.

*Going to see Sisters at the cinema and loving this Star Wars spoof trailer.

Payday haul... November

With a combination of work and uni taking up all my time lately I've haven't had much chance to post on my blog, sorry it's just another haul but when I'm stressed I buy stuff!  

As a big fan of Beetlejuice I couldn't resist this tee from TeeFury

 My monthly comic pulls. I'm loving all these series right now, and I especially love the Black Canary Monster of the Month variant cover by one of my favourite artists Michael Allred.

More Catwoman to add to my collection- I've been finding some good bargains on Ebay although there's still so many more I need before the set is complete. I also got the TPB of Bitch Planet which I've read and will be reviewing soon.

Clinique magazine freebies, Poundshop bargains and a back up of the BB cream I use daily- Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura. 

Finally, the latest Funko Pop! in my collection Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. She's so cute!