Books 2 Door: Jacqueline Wilson Book Set


As you might have noticed, I love a bit of 90s nostalgia. When I was a kid (much like now) I was a total bookworm. My favourite author was Jacqueline Wilson- I fell in love with her books after first reading Double Act. I remember whenever I had some money, going into the local bookshop and selecting the next book from her back catalogue to buy. I poured through all her books, and then reread them again and again! I used to look through the Nick Sharratt illustration's and try to practice drawing like him too. 

When Book 2 Doors contacted me to ask if I would like to pick a book bundle to review my eyes were instantly drawn to the Jacqueline Wilson 10 book set. What's great about it is there is a mix of old classics (Double Act, The Story of Tracy Beaker) and newer novels such as Rent a Bridesmaid from 2016. The 10 books are beautifully presented in a slip case which makes it a lovely gift- for a younger reader or a nostalgic present for a 90s or 00's kid!

I plan on having a re-read of my old favourites, and reading the new ones (Little Darlings sounds especially good!) then passing them on to my niece as I am sure she will love them too.

This 10 book set has an RRP of £69.90, but you can grab them for just £22.99.
They have a great selection of good value box sets for various authors, genres and for readers of all ages. They have some more Jacqueline Wilson sets too if you are feeling nostalgic!

[Huge thanks to Books 2 Door for letting me choose a box set to review]

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