Etude House Antoinette Heart Blusher

The first thing that drew me to the Etude House Heart Blusher was the amazingly cute packaging. It's the perfect product to sit on my vanity table and look fancy! The packaging itself is a good quality pot with screw top lid. Housed inside are compacted powder blush shaped like hearts (>‿♥)

The blush hearts are very soft and silky and they are the same as bronzing beads etc... where you dip your brush (or the cute puff that comes with it) and apply. There is a mix of different shades that give a lovely peachy glow. There is just the right amount of shimmer, and you can pretend you are an old glamorous Hollywood actress when you are applying it....or is that just me (●´◡`●)

There is also a pink version which looks just as lovely. 

Elegant Touch Metallic false nails

I've never ever tried false nails before. They have never appealed to me, after seeing people struggle to type (which I'm doing now), eat, and pretty much do anything whilst wearing them. They just looked too uncomfortable and impractical.

But then i saw some packs of Elegant Touch false nails in Poundland including sets of Metallic nails. I love metallics, and these just look amazing so i bought a pack. The pack said the length was short so that sounded good to me. 

The pack comes with 24 nails (to offer a choice of sizes), a buffer, and glue. They are really easy to apply- each nail has a tab (which is numbered to make it easier to match the other hand) and once you've selected the right size you just squeeze some glue on the nail and press the nail on. The tab makes positioning it really easy, and once dry you just pull the tab off. Simple!

My nails (and hands) are freakishly small, but I managed to find the right sizes here, and strangely my nails are different sizes on each hand (actually, I don't know if that's strange or not...!) Once on at first I felt like Wolverine or Edward Scissor-hands... they took a lot of getting used to. The short length was good on all but 2 nails that seem extra long and make me feel like Cruella DeVille (which i enjoy a little). 

Despite the fact it makes everyday stuff a little trickier I'm slowly getting used to the nails, and they feel like they are stuck on solid so I'm not worried of them flinging off and they look blimmin' fierce! I love them, and will definitely be looking out for some more on my next visit to Poundland! Grr

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips...

As soon as i saw the promotional images for the & Rose collection from Etude House i knew i would have to try the Rosy Tint Lips. They come in 8 shades altogether- i chose 3 Rose Fatal & 8 After Blossom.

Shade 3 is a rosy soft slightly pinkish red, and 8 is a rich deep wine red. Both smell of rose, and are thick and creamy. As you cans see from the swatches they are highly pigmented, and matte. The velvety texture makes me immediately compare them to the Lime Crime Vevetines.

The sponge tip applicator can make application a little tricky (especially for such a pigmented product) and i did have to get the lip brush out for a bold look. Personally i found these to last really well- beyond drink and food fading to a nice even stain.

I absolutely  these, and hope to get a few more shades. I would recommend them as a cheaper alternative to the velvetines that offer more shade options (and also for those who choose not to shop with Lime Crime for ethical reasons).

I bought mine from ebay shop f2plus1 at £6.04 each.
[FOTD using this here]

Etude House Rose Collection Autumn 2013

Etude Houses most recent collection '& Rose' for Autumn 2013 is beautiful. I thought I'd share the promo images...

Rosey Tint lips in 8 shades... 

10 pan eye shadow palette...

Creamy eye liners...

The collection is lovely and the colours are very fitting for Autumn. I have 2 of the lip tints (which i already LOVE) and will be posting a review in a few days :)

(Images sourced from google images)

Pound shop bargains...

I always love to check the pound shops for bargains, here are my latest buys. Nail polish from Sinful Colors, and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (i love this range), and another of the OPI shatter polishes- this time a shimmering moss green.

I also picked up a Malibu SPF 50 face cream, another Rimmel Wake me up radiance shimmer touch in Radiant Rose (which will make a lovely cream blush), and two Calvin Klein glimmer cream shadows- which swatch well so I'm looking forward to trying ^_^

Barry M Confetti Nails...

Since getting my Barry M Confetti Nails I've been really struggling to find a good base colour that would work with Marshmallow- the baby pink shade. So far the best combo I can find is over the top of Barry M Hi Shine in Prickly Pear. It works nice- if like me you are a pastel fan.