Etsy find: Kitsch Bitch Jewellery

Of late i've become just a *little* obsessed with Etsy, and my wishlist is ridiculous! I found a shop on there called Kitsch Bitch who make the cutest jewellery. After seeing their cameo necklaces with various people i requested a custom make from the the owner, who was very helpful and happy to oblige :)

I knew i wanted to have Shirley Manson in the necklace (the singer from band Garbage, and hero of mine). I got to pick the picture, colour of the cameo, and Kerry the owner sent me a few options of how the picture would be placed. As soon as it arrived (cutely gift wrapped) i was in love!

You can check out the store here (i've got my eye on the cat pastel earrings...)

Blue Eyes

One of my favourite colours is midnight blue, and because of that i'm forever on a quest to find the perfect blue eyeshadow. Blue may seem like a daunting colour on the eyes, but personally love a blue smokey eye. I thought i would delve into my collection and show you my favourite three...

Look Beauty in Denim : I love Look Beauty eyeshadows, they are so creamy and pigmented and really easy to work with. This one is a lovely deep shimmery blue.

Laura Geller in Blue Voodoo: This eyeshadow has so much depth to it, it's a midnight blue with a hint of black and fine blue glitter running through it. This one really needs to be built up to give justice to the colour, and works best with a base.

Mac in Freshwater: This one is a vibrant velvety blue. It's a veluxe pearl and is really creamy, this one is a bit brighter than the other 2 but i love it :)

What are you favourite eyeshadow colours? 


My favourite glitter nail toppers...

[This was originally a guest post on another blog, but thought i'd post it here:)]

Hi, My names Shell and i have a confession... I am addicted to glitter nail polishes. There! I've said it. I know how much of a complete pain they are to remove, but i still cherish my drawer of glitter nail polish toppers. They are just too pretty to resist, and my nails feel bare unless they sparkle enough to blind someone!

So, i've decided to show you some of my favourites. All have been swatched with 2 coats over Ribbon by Look Beauty. Here goes....

Pop Beauty nail glam: large purple and silver holographic glitter.

Etude House dear my party nails: Etude house do so many amazing glitter toppers (easily available on ebay) this one is a favourite. Large and small chunks of purple, gold, pink, and teal glitter. This is a close dupe for The Living Daylights by OPI from the Bond collection. 

Barry M Amethyst glitter: Barry M have some great glitter toppers, this one is full of fine purple, blue & gold glitter. This one is really dense, and looks great over darker colours.

Barry M Pink Sapphire: This one is really pretty, it's large and small hot pink and light pink hexagonal glitter with silver strands. This one looks cute over pastel shades. 

Barry M Ruby Glitter: This one looks best applied over a dark polish. It has large red and black sprinkles, with fine black glitter dust. The clear polish has a slight black tint to it also.

Look Beauty Dazzle: This one has serious sparkle. It is packed full of fine glitter dust in a beautiful lilac colour. This one with enough layers gives a lovely opaque finish. 

So there are my favourites. Do you like glitter nail polishes? Which are your favourites?

NOTD: Kawaii nails...

I've said it before, but i am terrible at nail art. It's far too tricky for me. So here is my simple kawaii nails, using Fearne (Boots) nail polish in Cotton Candy with Sally Hansen HD nails in DVD over the top. On each thumb nail i stuck a cute bow nail charm (from a set i bought in poundland).

Glitterbomb Jewellery Haul (^_^)

Here's the contents of the amazing package that greeted me on Wednesday after making an order from Glitterbomb Jewellery. 

I found them through facebook. They make super cute laser cut items (^_^)

This cat necklace has to be my favourite... it's too CUTE! This came in my £15 lucky bag.

Also in my lucky bag was these beautiful earrings, and some dangle heart beaded earrings.

As well as the lucky bag i bought this glitter love heart ring <3 it's just the right size.

Also in my lucky bag was this adorable cat pocket mirror. I also ordered 2 pairs of love heart stud earrings, and a cute pink loveheart necklace for a friend :) All the necklaces come with a mirrored Glitterbomb tag.

The service was brilliant, and my order was posted mega quick. I also got lots of sweets in my parcel (^_^)

If you like cute & quirky jewellery i'd recommend checking them out!

For a closer look i have also uploaded a video here!

My lipbalm obsession

I have many obsessions... lipbalms are one of them. I do love them for their practical uses, but if it is cute, kawaii, novelty, or has Hello Kitty on i can't resist it. So here's my (ridiculous) collection.

Most of the Hello Kitty ones are from H&M and Marks & Spencer. Why did H&M stop doing Hello Kitty stuff *sobs* The Bee Happy tin is lemon flavour and is by Etude House :) The David & Goliath lipbalm is candy floss flavour. The cute cherry one at the top is...well cherry!

Here's some of my favourite picks of the bunch...

Lypsyl is my all time favourite lipbalm, i've used it for years and swear by it. It's really cheap and you can get it in most chemists and ebay. My favourite is strawberry.
The Body Shop Lip Butters and Born Lippy pots are also great. I use the Shea Lip Butter every night before bed. The Born Lippy versions are good for daytime as they add a little tint, glossiness or glitter depending on flavour.
EOS are favourites among many beauty blogs i read. The main thing i like about these is the smell, i love Summer Fruits, and Honeydew Melon *yum*. They are nice, for summer as they aren't amazingly moisturising.

I also love Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve, It smells like Turkish delight, and i tend to use this on dry skin on my hands too, as it can be used anywhere :)
The Ice Cream Lip Softener is one i picked up from SaSa for the cuteness, but it works really well- it's a buttery vanilla balm.
Lastly, i love the Miss Sporty Dr Balm. It smells of watermelon (can you tell i'm obsessed with smells also!) and has a tint, in a choice of colours. It provides a little gloss, and is lightly moisturising (again perfect for Summer lips), i've heard people compare these to Baby Lips. Personally i don't agree, they are a lot more glossier.

Anyone else obsessed with lipbalm? Which are your favourites?


NOTD: Hot Tropic by Look Beauty

I am a big fan of Look Beauty, and love their nail polishes. They have a great colour selection, and always seem to wear well. 

I picked this one to wear because it's a lovely colour for Spring, now we are getting some sunshine. A bright tomato red with a glossy finish. I only need one coat to get a smooth, opaque finish too :)

(excuse the sloppiness, the Sally Hansen polish stained my cuticles when i removed it... grrr :/ )  

Bargain buy: Miss Sporty Mini-me eyeliners review & swatches...

I love finding a good product that is a total bargain as well. So i thought i'd show you one of my favourites. I swear by these eyeliners by Miss Sporty, the Aubergine shade was a staple product throughout my teenage years.

They have a number of different shades, including neon brights. The ones i have here are Aubergine, Neon Pink, and Neon Green. They are a crayon type liner, that twists up. They are really good for creating smudgy eyes, or using on the waterline. They are really pigmented, and I've found them to last really well on too. 

The only minor downside, is that i seem to go through them so quickly. You don't get a huge amount of product (although to be fair they are called 'mini-me'), in fact the product doesn't give the amount anywhere.

If you are looking for a good, cheap eyeliner i'd definitely recommend giving these a try.
Boots & Superdrug both sell these for around £2.50, but it's well worth checking the make up section of poundland as they nearly always sell these in a pack with 2 other Miss Sporty products (also ebay always sell these for around a pound!).

Anyone else tried any Miss Sporty products?

The Versatile Blogger Award & NOTD

Thank you very much to Natural Beauty for nominating me for the Versatile Blog Award (^_^)  It's a nice way to find new blogs, so here goes...

The rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Select 15 new Blogs/Bloggers you have recently discovered
4. Nominate these 15 people for the Versatile blogger award, leave a link to their blog and comment on their latest blog to let them know you have nominated them.
5. Tell the person 7 things about yourself.

So, the 15 blogs i have found lately that i wish to nominate are....
14. A Little Personal Shopper
15. And anyone else who wants to have a go :)

Please check out all the above blogs if you don't already follow them, they are great reads.
And 7 things about myself:

1. I am a big fan of horror films, and have just seen Evil Dead twice at the cinema (a must see!)
2. I wish i was ginger... i love gingers!
3. I love comics, my favourite is Ghost World by Daniel Clowes.
4. I have never ever broken a bone *touch wood*
5. If i could travel anywhere in the world i would love to go to Japan.
6. If i had to be a Muppet i would be Animal, because he is pretty badass!
7. I trained as a sound engineer, and am completely obsessed and nerdy when it comes to music.

And that's that! To finish i thought i would stick a nail of the day on the end. I'm wearing Madamme X by Sally Hansen. It's such a pretty dusky red, i love it (^_^)

Purple Lips!

To continue on from my Red Lips post here i thought i would delve into my lipstick collection again and show you my purple lipsticks. I don't have so many, in fact just these five, but they are all very different shades of purple.

  1. Mac Quite Cute is a creamy lavender shade. In honesty it makes me look kind of corpse like when i wear this, but i just love the unusual colour of it. 
  2. Gosh Amethyst is another unusual one. It is a shimmery purple with a slightly brown undertone. I love the texture of Gosh lipsticks.
  3. Rimmel Kate Moss 04 is a nice creamy, pigmented dark purple. Definitely need a lip liner with this one though!
  4. Look Beauty Berry Blast is one of there Double Lip Hits, and comes with a lipgloss in the same shade at the other end. This is a much more wearable shade of purple, a very pink toned lilac colour. This is really creamy too.
  5. Finally, Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine the sheerest of them all this is a lip balm with a hint of plum.

Any other purple lipstick fans out there?