Another Korean cosmetics haul (^_^)

So i did it again. I think i should be banned from ebay,  there's just too many pretty things. Is it time to start worrying when your watched items is 8 pages long...?

This time i got an Etude House Apricot Stick (which is like a more pigmented version of the Tony Moly Bunny Gloss, but more pigmented- and minus cute bunny face). The colour i got was Apple, and it's a lovely glossy rosy red colour.

I also bought a Petit BB cream from Holika Holika. I chose the 'watery' version, as it's aimed at dry, sensitive skin. I've only used this once, but so far so good :)

Of course i had to get an Etude House Ice Cream Nails, I've been eyeing these up for ages. I chose the shade Strawberry. I love it!

Lastly i bought a Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in True Rose. It's a solid perfume stick, with adorable packaging. It smells really lovely, with a nice subtle soft rose scent.

As always there was loads of samples including a Tony Moly Tomato face pack, Lioele shimmer base, Missha cleansing foam, and Etude House 'Nymph Aura' *raised eyebrows*.


Guest post, and glitter nail polish (^_^)

Just to let you know i have written a guest post for Jess here about my favourite glitter nail polishes if you fancy a read (^_^)

Pick 'n' Mix & American candy...

Whilst out shopping today i stumbled on a new shop, that was quite frankly pick 'n' mix heaven. Any sweet you can think of they had it, i was quite literally like a kid in a sweet shop! I have always loved pick 'n' mix, when i was a kid it would be a big treat to be let loose in Woolworths pick 'n' mix shovel in hand. So, faced with a huge shop filled with the stuff, i couldn't resist.

They had some of my favourites- watermelon slices, fizzy peaches, and how cool does that sugared foam ice cream cone look?! Another new discovery was chocolate cashew nuts...YUM! Each sweet was labelled, and there was some neon rainbow gummy shaped mice simply labelled 'psycho mice' which made me laugh :)

It was priced 99p per 100g, which compared to cinema prices is not bad, although lets face it the price of gold per 100g is probably cheaper than sweets at the cinema!

As well as pick 'n' mix, the shop had tons of American candy (and not at the extortionate prices i usually see) so i picked a few out. I chose Reeses sticks, peanut butter Twix, and peanut butter Snickers squares (can you tell i have a peanut butter obsession...).  I am happy with my little haul of treats, and will definitely be making a return visit! 

Anyone else love pick 'n' mix?


A new blush from H&M...

Last week whilst having a wonder around the shops i noticed this pretty blush in the make up section of H&M. I've not really tried many H&M make up products other than some lipsticks i bought for the cute packaging, but i couldn't leave without buying this beauty!

As far as i'm concerned it's worth getting for the flower design alone (^_^) but, after using this the last few days i can happily give it the thumbs up. The colours are lovely and vibrant, and perfect for Spring/Summer, and the flower in the middle gives a little shimmer if desired (and can be used for highlighting). 

The packaging reminds me of those Physicians Formula blushes that have the heart design, and like them there is compartment at the bottom with a mirror and brush.

I recommend picking this up if you get the chance- it was a bargain at £2.99.

Anyone tried any other good H&M make up products?

Urban Decay The Black Palette: review & swatches...

I am a huge fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows, and The Black Palette is a favourite. It's one that tends to get overlooked, maybe because the colours are not to everyone's tastes. For me black eyeshadow is a staple shade, and this palette has 6 dark shades, along with a 24/7 liner in zero (black), and a mini primer potion.

I love the names given to the eyeshadows :) The outside of the palette also has a silver glitter effect, almost like a galaxy design, with mirrored writing.  

Top row: (no primer or base used) Black Dog: a matte black, Barracuda: a grey/black with silver glitter , and Jet: a purple black with purple glitter.

Sabbath: a blue/purple with blue uv like gitter, Cobra: a gold/emerald with black undertones and gold glitter, and Libertine: a dark metallic green/black with green glitter.

As with all UD eyeshadows they are super pigmented, and easy to work with. This palette is great for a smokey eye, or those that are fans of goth make up. I find matte black eyeshadows are perfect for using as eyeliner, or to set gel eyeliner. It is also handy for filling in my brows now that i have black hair.

I love this palette! What do you think?

MUA lip booms: review & swatches...

Personally speaking i find MUA products a bit hit & miss, and find it a little annoying how they copy other brands products right down to the packaging. Having said that i do love their Lip Booms, one of their few original products, it features a matte lipstick on one end, and a glitter packed lip gloss on the other. 

They have a nice colour selection (i think there is one other shade, which is a bright red)  and they are handy to carry round. Although the writing on the packaging rubs off easily (it's mostly disappeared on OMG my most used shade!) One annoying thing is the stickers that are put on each end, they leave a horrible sticky patch that attracts fluff within a 5 mile radius!! 

Although LMK & Vibe look really different in the bullet, they look almost the same swatched. The lipsticks are a nice creamy matte formula, with good pigmentation. 

The lip glosses are thick but non sticky with large chunks of glitter. The glitter may put some people off, but personally i like it. They smell devine- like rich caramel :) Each lipstick has a different shade of gloss except for OK.COM, and OMG which are the same. As with all MUA lipsticks, they have the removable pot of product at the top- which is just rubbery and unusable. The only thing it's good for is seeing the shade at a glance. Does anyone use the stuff in the lid? 

Overall, i am a big fan of the lip booms, and for £3 they're a great bargain :) Have you tried them? What do you think?


Mini haul...

So, i've bought some new things. I decided to stock up on hair colour- XXL are on offer in Superdrug at the moment for £3.99. I got the shade Cosmic Blue. I also got a silver & purple.

I got 2 of the new Revlon lip butter shades- Juicy Papaya, a creamy peach and Wild Watermelon, a bright pinky red.

Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on Revlon at the moment, so i got a balm stain in Crush, a rich berry colour.

Poundland have got some cute new nail sets, so i got some bow decals, and some pastel coloured stick ons.

p.s i have a giveaway running on my YT channel celebrating 600 suscribers


Amazing parcel of amazingness!

Since starting my Youtube channel a couple of years ago i got talking to a fellow youtuber Thedollydevine. We found out we had lot's in common, and both had an obsession with all things kawaii. Since then we have sent each other swap boxes every few months. Here is the box of amazingness i received the other morning!

From Look Beauty- Flirty Flicks eyeliner, Healthy Glow bronzer, & eyeshadow. A Laura Geller lip gloss,  cute pocket bunny lipgloss, Eldora lashes, marbled eyeshadows, & pretty charm bracelet from Punky Pins.

Sausage dog necklace, Frankenstein monster kitty phone strap, vitamin ballpen, amazingly cute sugar skull ring, brain bracelet (my favourite out of everything!), and gingerbread necklace from Punky Pins.

Pink hair dye, Jelly Belly Hello Kitty box (yum), nerds, nail caviar  NYC eyeshadow duo, mini wipes, cupcake nails, Hello Kitty rements.

Etude House milk talk body wash set, Tiramasu dessert Hello Kitty strap

This is adorable! (^_^)

VIVO colour block eye palette in Enchanted: Review & swatches...

Vivo are a make up brand sold online & in Tesco. They are made under the umbrella of FB Beauty, alongside MUA, Accessorize, & Look Beauty. I don't tend to hear so much about Vivo, and i love this palette so here's my review....

There are two editions of the 12 pan colour block palettes. Enchanted (this one) and a neutral palette called Unprotected. I like the fact this palette features a mix of matte, shimmer, and glitter eyeshadows.  There are a nice selection of warm, rich Wintery colours. Personally my favourite is the top line, especially the matte cranberry colour. 

 Top row swatches

 Middle row swatches

Bottom row swatches 

As you can see from the swatches the colours are beautifully pigmented. The shimmer colours swatch best, and are soft and buttery. The mattes are also impressive- some mattes don't tend to be so pigmented, but i didn't find that with these. The shade Me Too in the bottom row was a little crumbley, probably due to the glitter.

Overall i'm a big fan of this palette. The eyeshadows blend well, and last all day with a base. I also like the fact the palette is square shaped- mainly because it makes it much more compact and easy to fit in your make up make bag! oh, and did i mention it is just £3.99... (^_^)

Have you tried any Vivo products, what did you think? 

Red lips

I am a huge fan of red lipstick, it's my favourite colour to wear. Being pale, i tend to prefer the blue toned reds, and i love a matte lipstick. I thought i'd pick out my favourites to show you today...

(L-R) NYX Soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam. It gives your lips a silky finish and it smells of caramel yum!
MAC Russian Red. This is my all time favourite red, and is another matte shade. It's the perfect blue tones red.
Rimmel Kate Moss in 107. Another matte! This is a deep wine red, Great for Winter.
Look Beauty in Cherry Bomb. I love cherry reds, especially if they have cherry in the title! This is nice & bright.
Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple. More orange toned, & more subtle, also nice and moisturising.
Dainty Doll in Saucy Sailor. Quite a close dupe for Russian Red, but not matte. I love how bold this is.
17 Mirrorshine in Hollywood. This is super glossy, and more sheer. Great for adding a hint of red, perfect for Summer.

Now for the swatches.....

 My current favourite of the lot is the Dainty Doll lipstick. It's the perfect colour, and wears pretty well, and slowly fades into a pretty stain (^_^) 

What are your favourite red lip colours?