Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour...

Since damaging my hair from bleaching it last year I have been apprehensive when it comes to colouring my hair as it is still really dry. My hair is also not so good at holding colour at the moment and black dye seemed to fade to a sludgy brown really quickly :( . I decided to go back to red, and the previous red colour I'd used last month was quite drying and didn't last long so I wanted to try something new.

The Garnier Olia hair colour caught my eye (firstly because it was on offer in Superdrug!) but mainly because it is ammonia free and is made of 60% oils, supposedly improving the quality of hair. The colour I picked was 'intense copper'.

On application the dye had a really nice smell to it and didn't feel uncomfortable or sting the scalp (due to the lack of ammonia). The bottle was a little hard to squeeze the product out of though- with the gloves on it kept sliding out of my hands.

The colour has turned out a really nice rich, vibrant shade, and after 2 weeks I haven't noticed any fading yet. Also my hair instantly felt moisturised and soft, where as usually after colouring it goes really dry. This alone has made the colour totally worth it for me and depending on how long it lasts I think I will definitely use this one again :) .

Lush Shimmy Shimmmy Massage Bar...

The Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar is one of the things I got in my Lush sales haul. The soap smells of vanilla but is more of a gentle soft scent, and it's packed full of glitter.

This isn't the kind of thing you can really use all over (unless you want to be very sparkly) and is more to use on parts of you that you want to highlight perhaps for a night out, as it coats the skin in a gold shimmer. 

Personally I really liked the smell, but found it didn't really lather up or soften that easily. It did make my skin feel moisturised and soft though, and my sensitive skin was fine with it. At full price it costs £4.50 and to be honest it's not something I will get again, although it was nice to try out. ❀‿❀

I Hate Love (a valentines playlist)

1. Warm Water- Banks
2. Cult of Love- Dum Dum Girls
3. My Song 5- Haim
4. Set Me Free- The Kinks
5. Devotion- Black Heart Procession
6. I Hate Love- Garbage
7. Nightcall- London Grammar
8. How Can I?- Charli XCX
9. Summer Wine- Nancy Sinatra
10. I Wanna Be Yours- Arctic Monkeys
11. Romantic Dreams- Deftones
12. Cut Straight to the Heart- Sophie Ellis Bextor
13. Love Like Suicide- Garbage

[Something a bit different on the blog today... I don't do anything in particular for valentines day but thought I would post this playlist of songs, for whether you love or hate 'V day']

Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry Mask...

Today I have another My Beauty Diary sheet mask to review,this time it's the Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry mask. The packaging is super cute, and put me off using for ages.

I've finally got around to trying it, and for some reason my mask didn't have a scent :( It is well within its expiry date...The mask itself was really soft and silky, and it instantly made my skin feel really soft and moisturised- it made my bath time really relaxing. The effects it claims are brightening and moisturising so it passed the test. The mask was well soaked in product too, my only complaint was the lack of scent!

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer...

I am always on the lookout for a good under eye concealer as I have quite dark circles. Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in fair is just £5.49 from Boots and I'd heard it compared to Benefits Boi ing Concealer so thought it was worth a try.

Firstly Phwoarr paint has fairly good coverage, but the texture is quite thick and dry which meant I found it hard to blend under my eyes without it looking cakey. Ironically i prefer to wear this mixed with Boi ing concealer which is far easier to blend.

Overall I'd say this is a pretty good budget concealer if you are looking for something with a fuller coverage. I've tried many concealers and it's hard to find a good drugstore one that has a coverage as good as this, it just takes a bit more time to blend in. Another plus is it comes in a nice little compact with a mirror (and i like the name ◕ ‿ ◕).

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner...

After falling in love with the Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream i wanted to try some more products from the brand, and for some reason this Jewel-Light waterproof Eyeliner in 17 Pink Ballerina stood out to me.

Firstly the packaging is really cute and simple with the design matching the shade of the pencil. When swatch it does tend to lean more towards a peachy colour and it's matte. I knew this would be a challenge to find the best use for it. After playing about with it I have discovered this pencil makes the perfect base for neutral matte eyeshadows. Covering my lids with this before applying matte eyeshadows not only makes them more pigmented, but makes them a lot easier to blend and my eyeshadow does not budge until I remove it! ◔◡◔

I've also tried this on the under eye but the colour makes me look like I'm ill, and it doesn't show up very well on my lips. There are all sorts of different colours of this pencil available though, so they are definitely going on my wishlist as the texture and quality is brilliant!

I got mine for £3.23 (bargain!) from this ebay seller-I buy from them a lot and they are really good.

Lioele L'CRET Miracle Magic Lipstick

Lioele is a popular Korean make up brand. I decided to try one of their L'CRET Miracle Magic lipsticks, which change colour when applied to the lips. The colour I went for was 02 Graceful Purple which changes to a soft pink.

The packaging is lovely, and sturdy- really good quality. It reminds me a little of the Dior lipstick packaging. The lipstick itself has a gentle sweet floral smell, and is really soft to apply. It feels moisturising on the lips too, and is SPF14. It gives a glossy almost water like finish. As for pigmentation i was a little disappointed, when compared to the promo images (below) it looks like a different product. The finish it gave for me was more like a wash of colour, almost stain like as you can see from the swatch.

So although nice, a little deceiving if you expecting what was advertised! I bought mine for £4 on ebay. (I won't link the particular seller as i had issues with them so wouldn't recommend). 

Look Beauty Triple Hit Eye Trios...

I think Look Beauty are one of those beauty brands that often get overlooked, but personally I am a big fan of them. I've tried quite a lot of their products and have never been disappointed, and the prices are very reasonable too.

Today I thought I'd do a post on their eyeshadow trios- I've already posted about my Statement Eyes single shadow collection which I love. Pretty much all of the Look Beauty products I have were bought during half price sales on their site (which they have often).

I have 2 of the Triple Hits in LA Luxe (above) and Party Fever (below).  As you can see from the swatches they are really pigmented, metallic eyeshadows. The texture is buttery soft and really easy to blend. They remind me a little of the Mac mineralised shadows but smoother.

One small moan is that the packaging is a bit bulky, but you do get a generous 10g of product. I would definitely give these the thumbs up and recommend checking them out!