Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour...

Since damaging my hair from bleaching it last year I have been apprehensive when it comes to colouring my hair as it is still really dry. My hair is also not so good at holding colour at the moment and black dye seemed to fade to a sludgy brown really quickly :( . I decided to go back to red, and the previous red colour I'd used last month was quite drying and didn't last long so I wanted to try something new.

The Garnier Olia hair colour caught my eye (firstly because it was on offer in Superdrug!) but mainly because it is ammonia free and is made of 60% oils, supposedly improving the quality of hair. The colour I picked was 'intense copper'.

On application the dye had a really nice smell to it and didn't feel uncomfortable or sting the scalp (due to the lack of ammonia). The bottle was a little hard to squeeze the product out of though- with the gloves on it kept sliding out of my hands.

The colour has turned out a really nice rich, vibrant shade, and after 2 weeks I haven't noticed any fading yet. Also my hair instantly felt moisturised and soft, where as usually after colouring it goes really dry. This alone has made the colour totally worth it for me and depending on how long it lasts I think I will definitely use this one again :) .

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