Look Beauty Statement Eyes Single Eyeshadows

Today i wanted to share Look Beauty's Statement Eyes single eyeshadows. For just £4 (or right now, and often £2) you get a large pan eyeshadow in sturdy (and a little bulky) packaging. There are 30 shades available.

 Apart from the fact there are some lovely shades to choose from the quality of these are brilliant. I love how silky they are. There are a selection of different finishes and most of mine are metallic- and buttery in texture. The pigmentation is brilliant and they blend really easily. I'm really impressed with the one matte shade i have, which again has great pigment without being chalky.

I find these are better with some sort of base, as they tend to crease (although i find this with most eyeshadows personally). 

Top: Satin, a metallic deep pink. Tutu, a shimmering cool toned light pink. Sorbet, a matte peachy orange.

Top: Denim, a metallic royal blue. Disco, a metallic rich purple. Suede, a warm toned velvety brown. Cashmere, a soft taupe.
Anyone else a fan of these eyeshadows?

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