16 ways to practice Self care...

1. Relax in a hot bath. Maybe use some fancy bath salts or a bath bomb, light a candle, play some music.
2. Read a book (or a comic or magazine). Combine that with a nice cup of fresh coffee or whatever your preference.
3. Put your pyjamas on and watch some episodes of your favourite TV show (or find a new favourite on Netflix).
4. Get some air and go for a walk. If it helps put your headphones in a listen to some music whilst you do.
5. Make a smoothie. I love the frozen fruit bags Tesco do blitzed with a banana and some apple juice.
6. Go to the cinema (and get some popcorn!).
7. Buy yourself a little treat for getting through a stressful week. Your favourite chocolate, a new book, some nice bubble bath.
8. Put your headphones on, close your eyes and listen to an audiobook or podcast- or for the ultimate relaxation some asmr videos on YouTube.
9. Take a nap. If you are exhausted then listen to your body and get some rest.
10. Cook a nice meal. Maybe try a new recipe or cook an old favourite.
12. Do some colouring in. There are so many great adult colouring books out there and it's incredibly relaxing.
13. Do a face mask or paint your nails. Anything that's pampering.
14. Do some yoga or pilates- there are some great videos on YouTube that have follow along sessions for beginners or for relaxation and anxiety.
15. Reorganise your book shelf (is it just me that finds this incredibly relaxing?!)
16. Make a photo album of pictures from happy times and of people you love.

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