Lioele L'CRET Miracle Magic Lipstick

Lioele is a popular Korean make up brand. I decided to try one of their L'CRET Miracle Magic lipsticks, which change colour when applied to the lips. The colour I went for was 02 Graceful Purple which changes to a soft pink.

The packaging is lovely, and sturdy- really good quality. It reminds me a little of the Dior lipstick packaging. The lipstick itself has a gentle sweet floral smell, and is really soft to apply. It feels moisturising on the lips too, and is SPF14. It gives a glossy almost water like finish. As for pigmentation i was a little disappointed, when compared to the promo images (below) it looks like a different product. The finish it gave for me was more like a wash of colour, almost stain like as you can see from the swatch.

So although nice, a little deceiving if you expecting what was advertised! I bought mine for £4 on ebay. (I won't link the particular seller as i had issues with them so wouldn't recommend). 


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  2. I think I got a bit excited by looking at the image below, the colour pay off actually isn't that good, but i love how innovative this is! I hope the uk highstreet brands come up with something like this though <3


    1. Yeah, it was a bit disappointing :( Barry M do a colour changing lipstick that is green and turns pink- it's pretty good :) x

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