ColourID hair chalk from Poundland...

A while back I couldn't resist buying a couple of packs of ColourID hair chalks to try from Poundland. I wasn't sure if they would show up in my hair, as I've seen mixed results from different brands on other blogs. At at a pound each though I thought it was worth the gamble, which fortunately paid off.

The colours I chose were red and pink. As a purple obsessive (that rivals Marie from Breaking Bad) I was disappointed there wasn't any purple- although the hair on the box is, so they must do it somewhere. The other colours I saw were neon green, orange and yellow.

It comes in a pan looking like a blusher, and comes with a round sponge. Application is easy- you just put a strand of hair between the chalk and the sponge and drag it through. I was surprised at how well the chalk showed up on my hair and was happy with the outcome of an array of pink and red running through my mid lengths and ends. It also easily washed off too.

If you feel like a temporary change of hair colour I definitely recommend picking these up!


  1. These look SO great on you! I'm yet to try hair chalk, really need to get my bum into primark and give them a go!


  2. I need something like this because I really want to color my hair something fun and bright (like pink!) anyways, I feel like something like this that is temporary would be best for me so I can see if I look good or too weird with colorful hair! :D



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