Book review: Little Book of Vintage Horror...

(I'll warn you now this post is very picture heavy.) Today's book review is something a little different. I am a huge fan of anything classic horror related, in fact I love anything horror related in general and also love old comic books; so I was pretty pleased to receive the Little Vintage Book of Horror for my Birthday. 

The book focuses on 'The Golden Age of Horror' which began with the release of issue one of Eerie Comics in January 1947- the first complete front to back horror comic. The popularity of that series led to tons of different releases throughout the early 1950s right up until 1954 when a child psychologist claimed that horror comics encouraged juvenile delinquency causing strict regulations to be put in place, and effectively kill off the genre.

This little book includes a collection of various comic book covers, full comic strips, different images and full stories such as the brilliantly titled "The Cellar of Blood!" and "King of the Zombies." There's so much great (and amusing) artwork to enjoy in this book I had to photograph some to share...

"Have you ever been too frightened to scream... too terror stricken to to move? This is the sensation that awaits you behind this cover!"

This is by far my favourite page, and never fails to make me laugh. Annoyingly the stupid flash hides some of the words -_- but it says "Let go, you blasted monsters! Let go of me! Get your filthy flappers off of me!"

So many brilliant "Aiyeeeeeee!" images! 

The book also comes with a comic book cover magnet in the back. Overall I love this little book, and think it makes the perfect gift for comic book fans. If you are not into horror they also have versions for vintage romance, sc-fi, terror, space, crime and love to name a few! Tempting to collect them all...

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