15 Simple stress relievers.

If you suffer with anxiety having or carrying around some sort of stress reliever can be helpful. I've had anxiety for years and I like to think I've got some way into learning to manage/control it. So here are some things I find helpful to have to take your focus if you are feeling anxious.

fidget spinners
stress ball/ squishy
kinetic sand/ play dough
bubble wrap
elastic band/ hair tie worn on the wrist
pen and paper to scribble on
chewing gum/ bubble gum
ring spinner (like these)
fidget cube
ASMR videos on YT
Simple and repetitive phone apps (I like Kids Cake Maker or Mahjong)
colouring book
podcasts/ audiobook

When I'm at work and need something discreet I find chewing gum and wearing an elastic band on my wrist works perfectly. When I'm at home and feeling a bit stressed or need a distraction I will grab my fidget spinner or kinetic sand. Kinetic sand is one of my favourites as it's very tactile and has a really relaxing movement to it! You can get little single pots of it in Tesco or sets from Amazon/toy shops. When I'm trying to sleep I will put my earphones in and watch some ASMR videos on YouTube. If you haven't tried this you are in for a treat- they are incredibly relaxing and great for anxiety. 

Do you have any others you find really helpful?

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