Poundland Designer Nail Kit...

I don't know why they call it designer, but I am a fan of black glossy nails so when I saw this in Poundland I thought it was worth a try. The kit comes with 24 nails, glue, and the little stick thingy (I never use these, does anyone?)  

Although there is enough for 2 sets here I have very tiny fingernails so can only get one set from the kit by using the all the smallest ones. They were easy to apply but I did have a mishap with the glue, which meant I had to pour it on my nails and ended up with glue all over my hands (and one of my fingers stuck to the table... I wasn't proud of myself!) The nails are VERY long so after I took the below pictures I did have to trim mine down as I hate the feeling of long nails. 

(Note the glue all over hands). I think they look pretty good, and didn't feel flimsy at all. A few nails came off and had to be re-stuck the day after but then after that they lasted really well. For the price I'm pretty pleased with them and would recommend if you are on a budget. 


  1. For only a pound these sound pretty good!
    They would make great bases for art and deco too :)

    (also noticed your Oyatsu Cafe banner! I'll be sure to use you link for my future purchases :D)


    1. I didn't think of that- they'd be really good for nail art :)
      Thank you :) Will use yours too, think I did last time x


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