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Grimes- Art Angels
I've always found Grimes interesting but have never loved a complete album of hers until Art Angels came along.. Firstly I love the art work (by Grimes herself) and I love the mix of fun bubblegum pop, and dark and weird more experimental songs. I am always a sucker for synthy electronic music and this is definitely Grimes at her most accessible. The album also features a great colab with Janelle Monae. She also has a cool video for Kill V. Maim as well.

Pale Honey- Pale Honey
Swedish indie rock duo Pale Honey released their debut album last year and I can't stop listening to it. Their sound is kind of stripped back but their songs tend to have these great moments where they explode with guitar and attitude. My stand out song is Tease.

Icky Blossoms- Mask
Icky Blossoms make great electropop music and their second album Mask is less bold than their debut but sounds much more human with singer Sarah Bohling sounding less robotic. The result is catchy songs, that have a dark emotional edge running through them. There's definitely an 80's synth pop influence in there, I can also hear My Bloody Valentine too (but maybe that's just me). My highlights are the vulnerable Want You So Bad and ridiculously catchy Phantasmagoria.

Sia- This is Acting
I must admit the whole Sia hype passed me by other than liking a couple of her songs. Then I decided to give her new album a try and instantly fell in love with the song Bird Set Free. It's over the top (in a good way) and is just lovely. Perfect for playing loudly when your feeling a bit fed up or having a bad day.

What are you music picks?

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