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 The Revenant (2016)
I'm really glad I saw this one at the cinema because it was visually epic. Leonardo DiCaprio was brilliant as usual literally throwing himself into every scene as frontiersman Hugh Glass. Set in 1823 it tells the story of Glass fighting for survival after being attacked by a bear and left for dead by his team. If he doesn't finally get his Oscar I call bullshit! 4/5

Wild Tales (2014)
This was an Argentine-Spanish film consisting of six separate short films focusing on the extremes of human behaviour and vengeance. I found it a mixed bag...some were pretty good (the waitress getting revenge on a loan shark, and the wedding party that takes a turn for the worst were stand outs) but they were mostly predicable and a unrealistic. I get that there was supposed to be a comic element to them but for me it was just a bit meh. 2.5/5

Spotlight (2016)
Based on a true story about of a group of journalists who risk everything to uncover a child abuse scandal within the Catholic church this was a brilliantly acted and gripping film. Opting to stick to the facts rather than over dramatise the subject was handled with dignity and made a serious and shocking point about something that has been allowed to go on for far too long. Recommended. 4/5

The Duff (2015)
Painfully clich├ęd, ridiculous and unrealistic (can you tell I didn't like it?!) about the 'designated ugly fat friend.' I think it tried to have an empowering message but just ended up being a film about a non ugly or fat girl ending up with the popular guy. Yawn. 1/5

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