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Captain America: Civil War (2016)
I've been (im)patiently waiting for this film for what seems like forever and it did not disappoint. I felt like this is the best portrayal so far of my favourites (Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch, Vision, Black Widow). The action scenes were amazing, the story was good, and Black Panther was a badass. Ant-Man and Spider-Man provided some very funny moments (as a formerly non Spider-Man fan I'm now very excited for the new film) and despite having so many characters in it it didn't feel rushed, or over crowded. Of course the highlight was 'casual' Vision! The Marvel cinematic universe is just getting better and better. 4/5 

Bad Neighbours (2015)

I'm not a huge fan of Seth Rogen films- I don't dislike him, I just find them all the same as each other. There were a few laugh out loud moments here and there was an argument between Rogen and Rose Byrne where she said she refuses to be the nagging mature one in the marriage whilst he's the man child which I though was a clever nod to pretty much every film Rogen's ever been in. Ultimately though I just found the film a bit meh, and also why did everyone have to shout all the time???! 2/5

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of the X-Men films. I grew up with the X-Men Animated series and I feel the films trash over all the characters but I thought I'd give this film a chance. It pretty much matched my expectations- they just can't compete with the Marvel films. This felt like a soap opera about people with powers. Over the top acting, no real emotion and dialogue that felt like it was written by a teenager. Also why are they trying to make Mystique a hero, and why is she hardly ever blue?? (outrage!!) On the plus side I thought Quicksilver was funny, the casting of Storm was good but unfortunately she didn't get much to do (more Storm please!), and Fassbender does make a good Magneto. The villain just wasn't scary though (I actually kind of liked him with his soothing voice and big Oscar Isaac eyes), and the story was weak and full of holes, I really wish they'd get rid of Bryan Singer. 2/5  

Welcome To Me (2015)
This is a comedy drama about a woman with borderline personality disorder and an obsession with infomercials and reality TV who wins $80 million on the lottery and decides to spend it on making a TV show all about her and her life. The film lacked a little in depth but was warm and funny and Kristin Wiig was brilliant in the lead role. I particularly enjoyed the segments in Alice's show that re-enacted traumatic moments in her life including one called "Tampering With My Make Up Bag".  3/5

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