Mental health and my comfort zone...

For the last month or so I have been feeling, for want of a better word totally shit. My anxiety has reared its ugly head as well as falling into a pit of depression. I have felt the strong urge to run away from everything and hide in the safety of my home surrounded by my nice and comforting things. I get this urge whenever my mental health is wobbly and so my home is as well as my safe place a space that I surround myself with things that I like and things that make me "happy" such as books, and toys and random cute stuff. I didn't want this post to be a total downer but I also haven't had much motivation to type posts out lately so though I would just do an easy picture post showing you some of the things in my comfort zone i.e my home. 

It may seem materialistic by I do love having and collecting stuff. When I feel like I am loosing control of my life being surrounded by nice things grounds me and gives me back a (small) sense of control. Being in familiar and safe surroundings is very important to me when I am feeling anxious and I like spending time organising and tidying up. (I was the strange kid that actually enjoyed tidying my room!)

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