Free Comic Book Day 2016 + FOOD!

 Every year on the first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day- an event were comic book publishers release specially made comics for free from comic book stores. As usual we tend to make a geek version of Treat Yo Self day (see my post for last year here) and as usual I intend to take lots of photo's but forget! So here are the pics from my day... (mainly food and what I bought!)
 We got into Birmingham city centre nice and early to hit up Nostalgia and Comics to avoid the huge queue and then stopped for breakfast. Rather than have actual breakfast stuff I had a coffee and caramel frappe and a sticky toffee muffin which were very tasty!
 Oh and did I mention I met Batman?

 Here are all the free comics I got- I'm very happy as I managed to get all the ones I wanted :)

 I didn't actually spend a huge amount (which is unlike me!) but I picked up a few books from Forbidden Planet as well as the new Image + magazine and a couple of comic anthologies
 I also got a big selection of back issues, which I am pretty chuffed with as the lot only cost me £4 :)
 Finally I picked up the Scarlett Witch Dorbz, she is adorable and she also happened to be one of my favourite parts of Captain America: Civil War!

 We stopped for lunch at a food hall that has all sorts of vendors and I of course went for pizza!
Finally I also had my first taste of macarons! I got these from a patisserie in the Selfridges food hall and the green ones are pistachio and the brown ones are coffee. They were amazing!

Overall it was a great day and I have tons of new stuff to read :)

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