Geeky Haul...

Here's the geeky stuff I've bought over the last few months...
I'm so pleased that I've nearly completed my Catwoman collection now, I've also started collecting Birds of Prey books as I know it's a series I'm going to love! 
I try and resist looking at all the daily tee sites as they are lethal for impulse shopping but I couldn't resist this Bad Wolf Doctor Who tee from Qwertee as I'm kind of obsessed with anything to do with Bad Wolf/ Rose.
I got a few more DK books to add to my collection thanks to a sale at WH Smiths, the Batman Character Encyclopedia is a really good one and was published this year so is completely up to date. I also got a bit carried away with Civil War related stuff and got the sticker album- I remember doing the premier league ones as a kid so it takes me back, I forgot how frustrating it is getting endless doubles though!

And finally two more Pops to add to my collection. The Batman one is from the B Vs S film (this is probably one of my favourite pop versions of Batman, mainly because he's holding a Batarang) and the Civil War Black Widow which in my opinion is way better than the Ultron version.

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