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 It was my 30th Birthday last week and one of my Birthday presents was a trip to Cardiff as well as a visit to the Doctor Who Experience. I've been excitedly counting down to the trip for so long and it was a lot of fun! I went a bit crazy with the picture taking so be warned this a very photo heavy post...
 The Doctor Who Experience is situated in Cardiff Bay which is very very close to the city centre. There are two parts to the experience, firstly an interactive portion where you help the twelfth Doctor on a mission to save his TARDIS and become a companion. You are not allowed to take pictures so as not to spoil it but without giving much details I will say it was a LOT of fun and the set pieces make you feel like you are in a Doctor Who episode :D
 The second part was a two floor exhibition with pieces from throughout the history of Doctor who. There you got to see a number of different TARDIS's inside and out from various Doctors times as well as have your picture taken with some classic Daleks. There was all sorts of memorabilia including  all the different sonic scredrivers and props.
 One of the most exciting bits for me was being able to step into the ninth & tenth Doctors TARDIS. Both of them jointly are my favourites and it was pretty special standing at the console after seeing it on screen.
 Here is the outside of the TARDIS that the ninth and tenth Doctor used

 There was also a very cool Cyberman display that had various incarnations through the years
 A ninth/tenth era Cyberman (bringing back sad memories of Doomsday)
 There were a lot of costumes and prosthetics of various monsters and aliens 

 As well as costumes of all the Doctors and companions 
 There was a section dedicated to Clara as well with the lovely TARDIS at the centre
There was also a section dedicated the the most recent series with pieces from each episode including an ageing Davros here!

My ticket was a merchandise package so I will include what I got in a separate post as they had a very cool gift shop where I got a little haul of things as well.

Overall I loved visiting this place and would definitely recommend if you are a fan of Doctor Who :)

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