A trip to Cardiff...

 The other week it was my Birthday and I was treated to a couple of days in Cardiff. Despite only being a couple of hours drive I've never been to this city before. When we got there we went to the Doctor Who Experience (post here) and then checked into our hotel and had an explore. Fortunately our hotel was right in the city centre and as it is a fairly small city everything was in walking distance. 

 We had a list of places (mainly geeky) that we wanted to go to whilst in Cardiff, but first headed to the main shopping centre for food. Along the way we stopped at the Lego store, I've never been to one before and it was pretty cool. You could create your own lego people, and they also had a wall of pick'n'mix lego bricks!

 As big burger fans we knew we had to go to Shake Shack, an American burger joint that only has two in the UK (Cardiff and London.) I had a cheese and bacon burger and cheese fries and it was DELICIOUS. The food was made to order, the fries were crisp and topped with a rich cheese sauce, and the burger was hand pressed and flame grilled. They go up to the top of the burger leader board knocking Five Guys to second!

 In the evening we stopped at an Italian patisserie to get some treats to take back to the hotel including some cannoli (pastry tubes with in this case a Nutella filling) and sfogliatella (a puff pastry shell filled with pistachio filling). 
 The next morning after having a lovely brunch we headed out to do some shopping. In the middle of the city is Cardiff castle, unfortunately this was the best picture I got but it was very picturesque. Compared to other cities I have visited and Birmingham the one I live in I found Cardiff to be very laid back, it almost didn't feel like a city, which is good for me as I don't enjoy busy hectic places.

 There were also quite a few fancy shopping arcades too that had small boutique shops in.

 One of the places on our 'to visit' list was the Liquid Nitrogen Science Cream parlour

 Set out like a science lab they make ice cream to order using liquid nitrogen. It's very cool! They had so many delicious things on the menu, but I went with the Killer S'mores Cone which was a waffle cone, two scoops of double shot chocolate ice cream and flame toasted homemade marshmallow. It was GOOD! 

 This was a random shop window that was pretty... Overall I had a great time in Cardiff. It was a lovely place and the people there were incredibly friendly :)

So here are the things I bought :) A Wonder Woman lego key chain from the lego shop, a postcard and some bits from Paperchase... 

And these goodies from Forbidden Planet. I was so chuffed to find an SDCC Liv Moore pop- I am currently obsessed with iZombie and hope they bring out a full collection. I also had to get something Catwoman related of course!

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