Threads Subscription Box July...

Threads Box is a monthly subscription box from Zavvi that sends you an exclusively designed tee and a book every month. Before I start I wanted to mention that I hate Zavvi- I have had a terrible customer experience with them previously (their customer service is shocking) and I know a lot of other people who have had problems with them...... but.........

A book and a tee every month is a pretty good idea!

I decided to give it a go as the first box is half price (usually £9.99 every month.) The website says that these boxes ship out between the 3rd and 10th of every month, this isn't true- I didn't get mine until the 28th and by then they had spoilt the contents on the site. D'oh. So let's see what I got.... 

July had a Sci-fi theme, which I didn't notice until I'd signed up. I'm not really into sci-fi but I felt the contents was still good. An Alien tee (the designs in these boxes have been really good so far) and Armada by Ernest Cline. This is the second book by the author of Ready Player One. I'm pleased to say it sounds like a fun read, and something that I'd pick up.

Although I like this tee, my brother in law is an Alien nut so I will most likely pass it on to him as I'm sure he'll appreciate it a lot more. 

Despite taking so long to ship I think the value is good- the tee is a good quality and I'm happy with the book. The August edition shows pictures of Mad Max Fury Road as a teaser for the theme so of course I have to stay subscribed!

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