Rock Candy Batgirl and Wonder Woman figures...

These pictures have been sitting in my drafts for ages but I really wanted to share them... 

Funko recently released a new line of  5" stylised vinyl figures starting with a Women of DC collection. Of course I couldn't resist! 

So far I have the Batman Vs Superman version of Wonder Woman, and modern Batgirl (Babs Tarrs Batgirl of Burnside) and classic Batgirl.

I LOVE the design of these, they are adorable! Although they are fairly small the detail on these is brilliant- I would say they are a lot better quality compared to Funko pops or Dorbz. The paintwork on these is perfect except for a few minor imperfections on modern Batgirl. Considering the price (you are looking at paying no more than £12.99 per figure) I am really happy with these.

Also in the collection are Harley Quinn, Supergirl and classic Wonder Woman (which I've since bought.) I hope they bring out a Catwoman (please please please) and Poison Ivy and Black Canary wouldn't go amiss either!

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